Tumblweed 1.0

Desktop client for Tumblr blogs


  • Quick access to your tumbleblog without browser
  • You can publish any kind of post


  • No photo preview
  • Post editing must be done online


For those who don't know Tumblr yet, let me explain: it's a basic blogging service, half way between an actual blog and Twitter, which enables you to share small bits of information, links, quotes and images in a really simple way.

And now it can be even easier with Tumblweed.

Tumblweed is an AIR-based desktop client that enables you to review your tumbleblog and publish new posts without having to open the web browser.

You can publish any kind of content (short post, image, quote, link, audio or video) but oddly enough, you can't view photos on the Tumblweed interface they have been published to the tumbleblog.

Also, while Tumblweed includes a link in each element in order to edit it, if you click it the Tumblr webpage will open on your web browser so that you can edit it online – instead of doing it from the program itself as I would have expected.

With Tumblweed you can comfortably write on your tumbleblog from the Windows desktop, but you won't be able to see photos or edit posts once they're online.

Tumblweed is a desktop client for Tumblr built on Adobe’s Air and Flash. It enables you to create any sort of posts from your desktop, view your posts on a mini dashboard and drag and drop photo uploads, among other things.



Tumblweed 1.0

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